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Use Glo Blackberry Plan to Browse on PC/Laptop

Now you can use your Glo blackberry plan (bis) to browse on your pc or laptop. Just like you use Airtel and MTN BIS on your PC or laptop.

glo blackberry subscription pc

Glo Blackberry Plan used to work on PC before but due to system upgrades they discontinued the service. But now you can browse using your glo bis on your laptop, ipad and any android phone. This process is called tethering.

So how do you use glo blackberry plan to browse on your pc?

==> To browse on your PC using glo bis you need to configure your modem with the following settings:

Access Point (Apn):
IP: Empty
Port: Empty
Username and Password: Empty

Before this can work make sure you subscribe to any glo blackberry plan like Glo Monthly Blackberry Plan which cost just N1,500 naira. To subscribe to Glo Monthly Blackberry Plan send ‘COMONTH‘ to 777. The Data allowance is 3GB which means you can get 3GB for just N1,500 naira.

~ Credits to ‘symbian_hacker’ of for the discovery ~

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Am hoping in the nearest future we can also use Etisalat Blackberry Subscription to browse on pc or laptop.



  1. Emmanuel Idoko

    January 6, 2013 at 4:36 pm

    You can text “somonth to 777” which costs N1200 for 3gb for 30 days.

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