Price of MTNFastlink, Etisalat EasyBlaze, Visafone 3G modems in Nigeria

price of modem in nigeria

If you are planning to buy a 3G usb modem like MTNFastlink, Etisalat Easyblaze, GloNetpro, Airtel Internet dongle or visafone modem in nigeria but you don’t know the price i bring you good news. Today, I thought I should share with you Price of MTNFastlink, Etisalat EasyBlaze, Airtel and Glo Blolt 3G modems in Nigeria as at August, 2016.

Price of Etisalat Modem
For the records Etisalat Easyaze modem comes with 2GB data valid for 2 months and the modem goes for only N6,500naira with the 2month subscription. You can work into any etisalat outlet nearest to you to pick up the modem.

Etisalat Modem now sells at N4,000 only. You can obtain it at any etisalat service center.

Price of MTN Fastlink Modem
MTN Fastlink as at the last time I checked is still sold at N4,000 and it doesn’t come with any free subscription.

Price of Airtel 3G Modem
As for Airtel internet modem the official price of airtel high speed internet modem still remains at N3000naira but the price may vary depending on your location. The Airtel Modem also comes inclusively with 2month subscription of 2GB Data Plan.

Price of Glo Modem
Glo modem which use to be sold N5000 now cost N4,000 and with 200MB free 6 month subscription. You won’t get any free subscription when you buy glo modem. None of this network actually give free mb upon purchase anymore.

Price of Visafone Modem
Visafone modem is in (2) two types the 3G and the CDMA, the 3G visafone modem price is N10,999naira that is approximately N11,000 bundled with a data plan of 2GB for 2months.

I hope this information is useful.

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