Open a Paypal Account in Nigeria for Online Payment

paypal account nigeria proof

If you want to make payment online on any foreign website like fiverr, amazon, ebay from Nigeria you need to open a paypal account in Nigeria.   PayPal recently lifted the ban on Nigeria. If you are in Nigeria you can now open a paypal account in Nigeria and carry out online transactions …

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Subscription code for Airtel N1500(1.5gb)

I am sure some of you have already given up on the Airtel 2GB BB plan because you have heard rumours that it stopped working on non-bb devices. Let me clear the air. The Airtel 2GB for N1500 is now 1.5GB (1580MB) and is still working as at today. I …

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How to Receive Adsense Payments via Wire Transfer in Nigeria

I am delighted to inform you that Google Adsense now pay Nigerians directly into their bank account through International Wire Transfer. This new development will eliminate the long waiting we publishers normally experience in the process of converting adsense payment. From now on Google Adsense Publishers in Nigeria will get …

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List of Tecno Phones That Can Ping with BBM

tecno phones that use bbm

So BBM that was only meant for Blackberry users is now cross platform but you’re wondering if your Tecno Phone can accept BBM. Worry no more! I have compiled a list of all tecno android phones that you can download  BBM on. This will help you to know if your tecno …

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