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How to Hard Reset or Factory Reset Infinix Hot Note X551 Android Phone

If your infinix hot note is acting a little mischievous you should probably do a hard reset.
If you want to resell it you definitely have to do a hard reset / wipe all your files right?
If you forgot your pattern lock or entered your PIN more than 3 times and your phone becomes locked forever. Oh dear! Sorry, but hard reset will do the work.

Here is how to perform hard reset or factory reset on Infinix Hot Note X551 android phone or any other Infinix

Note: As the name implies performing a hard reset / factory reset on your infinix hot note wipes out all your files and installed apps stored on the phone memory, settings and configurations will go back to factory default.

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Infinix Hot Note Hard Reset Procedure

==> To get started switch off your infinix hot note

==> Wait for about 5 seconds then Press the Power on button and the Volume Down button AT THE SAME TIME. I repeat at the SAME TIME and wait till you see the INFNIX Logo.

==> Now release the power button and keep on pressing the Volume down button then the android reset menu will come up you should see the green android man and options like apply update via SD, reboot system, wipe / factory reset, wipe cache etc

==> Touch will not work on this menu so don’t bother yourself trying to tab on the options, just use the volume up if you want to scroll up or volume down to scroll down to the option which says “wipe data/factory reset”

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inifnix hot factory reset

==> Press the power button once and then scroll down again and choroll down again and choose Yes. Your infinix hot note will start wiping and when done you will get a message “Wipe Complete”.

You can now reboot your infinix hot note. That’s how to hard reset infinix hot note.

If you have any question(s) feel free to use the comment form below.

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  1. i bot my mopile on boot leader and i cant restart it what shoud i do

  2. I did hard reset on my infinix Hot note because i forgot my password, now is only showing select wifi network and you cannot skip it, what do i do? Pls help me..

  3. hi, please help my x551 keeps showing the XUI again and again without booting what should i do

  4. pls my infinix hot note is doing off and on each time I switch on my data. what do I do;

  5. Hi, my infinix hot note keep messing up. Have wipe an reset 3 times. An if I use if 2 weeks it will start saying unfortunately google play store has stop. Have it will disrupe all the apps an network till I restart d phone an it will work for a period of time and does the same thing. Help me

  6. when i did it, it came out with chinese language so i don’t know which one to select……?

  7. my infinix x551 phone refuse to boot after i wiped factor reset, cache partition, reboot the system, and its well charged.

  8. I tried doing all the steps reset my infinix note but d volume button refused to scroll up or down and my phone is showing factory mode .please what do l do to make it come on.thanks

  9. Please i have tried using my infinix usb and others to connect to my laptop but it cant be recognise. i didnt have memory card in my infinix hot note so all files and folders stored on phone memory.

    Please how do i get it backed up?

    Thank you

  10. hello. ….kudos to you. i have a little problem with my infinix mmc reader… it wont read any mmc. plz help. thanks

  11. Hw do i bypass my infinix x551 after hard reset…..WiFi continue to show up and not able to skip dat…..help me to skip pls

  12. hello,my note is x551, ive followed the steps you have given abve but after the pressing of power and volume down at the same time, the note has froze on the menu with recovery mode, fast boot mode, and normal boot. it does not go off nor respond

  13. Whenever I chat and call enter it will interrupt my chatting how will I set it that it will only pop out at the top without disturbing the chat

  14. Pls how can I set it that whenever am chatting and I have a call…. Dat it will only pop out at the top so dat it won’t affect my chat

  15. I inserted another sim into my infinix hot note, and its asking me for a privacy protection password. I dont remember it. I did a factory restore and its still the asking for privacy protection password/pin. Whenever i get it wrong a couple of times, it says try again in 27 seconds. please help

  16. Pls my infinix hotnote refused to pass infinix boot logo stage when turn on,i use the power +volume keys & entered the bootloader menu and wipe+restore factory settings when it said wipe complete,i scroll to reboot and clicked,hoping for it to turn on but the phone refuse to on,it is not charging,it will indicate on system that something is pluged but the device will not be recognise,info about it can not be read on system,it doesn’t on again.

  17. pls my hot note is not installing some apps… pls help

  18. welldone guy, you really tried

  19. This method of formatiny , is not working for infinix hot not 2 what can I do

  20. my infinix dont want to reset


  22. M. faisal sharif

    My infinix hot note is not working its still giving all apps are unfortunately stopped or not rinning. Also not giong in hard reset menu which you showed above

  23. what if you have upgraded the phone. will the phone still run on lollipop is?

  24. Pls my infinix hot 2 is telling me insert sd card and I can’t access my files pls wat do I do, shud I jes bck up and restore to factory settings.. pls

  25. Pls d google play store on my phone is nt working again and he keep writing check ur connection and try again….. pls wat can i do nd i will nt lose my app nd file

  26. I try to upgrade my infinix x551 last month but it failed to upgrade and shows me a box writting NO COMMENT which i don’t understand i try to press the volume up and down it shows many option in RED LETTERS i wipped everything and reboot it but still back to square one saying no comment first it used to show INFINIX like it will robot normally then it will just stoped, pls what did you recommend me to do.

    • You phone is bricked. This is what you have to do. Follow the instruction on this post I.e. Switch off your phone and then download the stock rom for your phone and download so flash then let me know,

  27. pls i forgot my patten lock for my infinix hot 2 how can i unlock it without losing my files i need a reply fast…..thanks

  28. i did just that but the privacy key lock was still showing and i still assess anything on my fone…what do uthink i should do again?

  29. When making a call on my infinix X551 all displayed options which includes speaker, record, d red key for dropping call etc doesn’t work at all n d back light doesn’t go out on putting the fone to my ear. Pls help me out

  30. I have tried the hard reset just as u have instructed,but its still going back to d locked mode. I forgot d password I used. I pressed d down button and d power button together while d phonse is off,and I kept tapping on the down button but still not resetting

  31. can that also work for hot 2?because I forgot my phone password and am stranded here,pls let me know if it will work for infinix hot2

  32. My infinix hot camera just stopped working. Error message is camera has stopped working. I have tried to do factory reset twice but issue persists, what do I do?

  33. hello I can’t change d names in stored in my contact ND if I delect it won’t delect y is it so

  34. Hey,my name is Rose and i have this problem with my infinix phone hot note,the problem is that whenever I try to get in the play store there’s a message that keep coming up Background data disabled I should enable it and I follow all the instructions they gave me but the problem is still on,i can’t get into the play store.pls what should I do.

    • I’m sure something is wrong somewhere. I hope you have enough data for browsing. In the mean time, you can still download apps and games from without opening playstore. Use apk.evozi.com/apk-downloader

  35. My phone refused to boot after I reset

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