How to unlock huawei e303 modem free

You will agree with me that the huawei E303 is one of the hardest huawei modem to unlock now, that is why some stingy service providers like mtn and glo go for it. However, you can now unlock Huawei E303 modem using Firmware Update (free) and DC Unlocker client credits (paid).

e303 huawei modem

In this post I will show you both the free and the paid method. Why am showing you both is that while the free method of unlocking huawei e303 may work for some people it might not work for other people, so feel free to try it and give me feedback if it works fine.

Unlocking GLO, MTN Huawei E303 using Firmware Update

Follow this easy steps to unlock huawei E303 modem bought from MTN, Glo or Airtel, even if you didn’t buy your e303 modem from any of these networks still use this method to permanently break your modem.


  1. Download HUAWEI E303 Firmware Update
  2. Also Download Universal Master Code Calculator – this application helps you get the flash code for your modem.
  3. Now, launch the universal master code calculator application from the zip file and click on the ‘huawei’ tab
  4. Type in your IMEI number that can be found on the seal of your modem and then click Calculate.
  5. Copy out the FLASH CODE
  6. Insert the default SIM card in your modem and Connect your modem to your computer
  7. Open the Huawei E303 Firmware update
  8. Make sure you close the huawei modem dashboard (interface) before you run the E303 update, when you are asked for password, type in the Flash Code you copied out in Step 5 and then your Huawei E303 will be unlock.
  9. You can now change the SIM and start using any other network sim card.

universal mastercode

If after trying the above method still it doesn’t work, then this one will work.

How to Unlock MTN, Glo E303 Modem using DC Unlocker (paid)

If you have previously had experience in unlocking modems, most especially zte modems then you might have came across dc unlocker client. This software unlocks e303 in less than 2 minutes. But the only thing now is that unlocking huawei e303 modem with dc unlocker client is not free.

To unlock huawei e303 modem using this software, you will need to purchase DC Unlocker Credits. 4Units of dc unlocker credits is required to unlock one E303 huawei modem. I sell minimum of 10 unit of credit for N3,000.

You will be provided with a password to your username upon buying unlocking credits and the username and password is what you will actually use on the software to unlock your huawei e303 modem.

dc unlocker client

Download the latest version of DC Unlocker Client from the link below and then click here for my bank details.

After getting your login username and password open the downloaded software and click on server, type in your login details and click check login. If successfully verified follow the steps below to begin unlocking your e303 modem.

  1. Click on select manufacturer and choose Huawei modems
  2. Select model E303 from the list of Huawei Modems or click on the magnifying glass to automatically detect your modem
  3. Finally click on “UNLOCK”

You have successfully unlocked your modem. It is now universal and can be used with any network available. But you will need to adjust the internet profile depending on the network you want to use it. Please read What to Do After Unlocking your Modem.


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