How to Unlock Airtel ZTE MF 190 modem forever

In my previous post, I recommended the Airtel 3G Modem for Nigerians who need fast mobile internet.

The Airtel ZTE MF 190 modem can only use airtel line. If you want to use other sim cards from other service providers like MTN, Etisalat or Globacom you need to unlock it and that’s exactly what this post is all about.

Am sharing with you how you can unlock your airtel modem forever. Don’t worry the procedure is not difficult! I have earlier posted a tutorial on how to unlock zte modems in general, but some of my readers still ask me for the procedures in unlocking airtel zte modems. So here is it.

How to Unlock Airtel ZTE MF 190 modem

– insert another SIM card into your modem. A sim card that is not supported by the modem

– Plug the USB modem into your computer and give it some time to initialize

– Close all other programs running, then download and run this program “DC Unlocker” from the link below.



– Under the Select manufacturer box choose “ZTE datacards” if you are very sure your modem is ZTE made

– if you can see the image above, click on magnifying glass in step 2 to detect your modem

– Then finally “Unlock“, you’re airtel modem is now unlocked and can be used with other network.

You have to create new configuration settings for each provider you want to use. What you only need is the Access Point (APN), password and username for each network. You are to also specify dial number which is *99# for all the networks.

configuration for unlocked modems

– To create new settings click on “Profile Name” and select Add.


  • Access Point:
  • APN type: static
  • Username: web
  • Password: web


  • Access Point: etisalat
  • APN type: static
  • No username and password


  • Access Point: gloflat
  • APN type: static
  • Username: flat
  • Password: flat

The configuration settings above is for only networks in Nigeria, if your network provider settings is not listed there, do yourself a favour by looking up for your network settings.


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