How to Create .Prov Files for S40 Nokia Phones

.prov files assist any installed java application e.g. Opera Mini, UCWEB that requires internet connection on s40 phones to get access to the internet using a specific ip, access point and port. Here I will be showing you step-by-step procedure involved in creating prov file for series 40 nokia phones.

The two methods involved are:

1. Offline Prov File Creator
2. Online Prov File Creator

Offline Prov File Creator
Using the offline prov file creator you can easily create profile files for your series 40 Nokia phones on your computer with just a click. First of all, you need to download an Offline Prov File Creator to your PC/Laptop and use them in creating prov files.

Below is a link to download the Offline Prov File Creator:

How to use the offline prov file creator
1. Download the application provided above and extract it anywhere in your pc
2. Run the file “JAVA Proxy Generator.exe” executable file
3. Fill the configuration settings details as needed including
* Name (e.g. MTN Nigeria)
* Proxy IP Address
* Proxy Port Number
* Proxy Access Point Name (APN)
* Username and Password (If needed)
* Internet Homepage (can fill any or leave as it is)
* MMS Settings (Only if need a MMS setting)
4. Now click on “Generate PROV” to get your the prov file

That’s all it takes in creating a prov file offline. Next is how to make prov files online..

Online Prov File Creator
Creating a create prov file online is quite faster than using the offline method. You don’t even need to know the network gprs settings, all that is important is your ip and port.

If you have the ip and port  of the .prov file you want to create then goto

=> Choose the Express Prov Creator
Choose your country (if your country is not among the list, go back and choose advanced prov creator)
=> Select the network
=> Type in the IP and Port and click on Generate.
=> Your .prov file will be created and you will be given a download link.

I hope this information helps.



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