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How to Buy 2go GoCredits on 2go

When you buy 2go goCredits you it gives you access to additional features in the 2go chat application such as chat rooms, styles, star levels, competitions and games.

In addition once you buy 2go gocredits you will be able to share files with your friends on 2go, chat in some restricted 2go chat rooms, setup a group chat, buy new styles and more.

I keep getting questions such as “how can I buy 2go gcredits” and here is my answer.

To buy 2go gocredits you must be sure of how much 2go gocredit you want to buy. Then open 2go chat and goto => My Profile => Edit => Get GoCredits and choose the amount of 2go GoCredits you want to buy, 2go credit ranges from 300, 525 to 1100. 300 2go GoCredits goes for 30naira, 525 GoCredits goes for 50naira and 1100 gocredits goes for 100naira.

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If you wish to buy 2go gocredits manually via sms you can use the shortcodes below as applicable to the amount of 2go credits you want to buy:

SMS the Word “2go Credits” to 32120 for 300 2go Credits
SMS the word “2go Credits” to 33120 for 525 2go Credits
SMS the word “2go credits” to 35350 for 1100 2go credits.

Note: You can only buy 2go credits with the number you use to signup for 2go chat. If you have misplaced your SIM then read this post on how to change your 2go number.

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  1. i need 100 4 2go credit.

  2. Each time I try to buy gocredit they will tell me that go credit is not available in my country yet

  3. I can’t buy 2go credit or receive

  4. Have been trying to buy 2go credit with my line Nd is not working

  5. I have try every thing possible to buy 2go credits but is not working. what can I do to save my 2go

  6. I can’t buy 2go credit ooo. It has been telling me j can’t buy. Pls who can render help

  7. shit 2go! Everyone with the same problem but no solution since, after all that 2go is now boring with worst no. Of patrons.

  8. I cnt buy go credit, each time i buy, my Account will be deducted yet they didn’t credit my Account, help me thanks.

  9. Comment Text*same thing his happening 2 me here oooo dis my number 08171646936

  10. Comment Text*My bought 2go credit of 30 naira and my money was deducted and I did not given the credit my no us 08038367667 and username is scorroh19

  11. please have 2go change code of buying gocredit, mine was unable to purchase, they keeps telling me that unknown error occurred.

  12. I’m struggling to buy 2go credits I’ve try sms option nothing helps

  13. Why if I share a gocredit to my friend the deduct it from my account but does not credited the account that want to send

  14. Pls hw can I buy gocreadit on mtn…the old password is not working again

  15. Teddy Manyuha

    I just bought 300 gocredits and I still have a 0 balance.

  16. Comment Text* why ist dat if I request of go credit .my credit will be deducted but my go credit balance will remained 0… plsss wat can I do?

  17. I don’t get my 2go credit so wt is the use to buy credit at the end we don’t get it.

    • Make sure you have a working sim plan and at least 30 naira in that sim.
      Now SMS 2go Credits to 55508.
      That’s the new code.

  18. I want to buy gocredit……..
    but is not responding….
    can someone tell me hw to buy gocredit pls

  19. I can’t buy gocredit

  20. If i buy gocredit they will deduct my money but if i should login it remain 0

  21. Seem 2go does not support GoCredits on the Globacom network. Shit! I just wasted #30

  22. Unfortunately 2go does not support GoCredits on the Globacom network. GoCredits will not be added to your account. Price: 30 NGN.support@2go.im

  23. Unfortunately 2go does not support GoCredits on the Globacom network. GoCredits will not be added to your account. Price: 30 NGN.support@2go.im. what does dat mean

  24. I dont no why dey deduct my money and i dont see any go credits

  25. I don’t get go credit,please do something

  26. Ohurogu tochi

    Can you help me, i can’t get my gocredits i sent to my 2go account frm profile is still showing 0 when my monies have been diducted three times. Pls do something

  27. How can I share 2go go credit to someone else?

  28. I when to buy 2go go credit how cant i buy when i buy he send for me send failed any my account

  29. Johnmark ayewoh

    Can u help me? i can’t get the go credit i sent to my 2go acct.frm my profile,is still showing 0 when my monies have been diducted on my several numbers i used to register 2go.

  30. I have lost my 2go sim and now i wants to buy gocredict wit anoder sim but could not, pls i nid help

  31. Me too

  32. I sent 2go credit 2 35350 they remove my #100 credit no go credit no text

  33. i send 2go credits to 35350 they remove my N100 but no gocredit no text. help

  34. I cant buy gocredit on my phone

  35. Ahmetdinmaisoline1

    I want to buy gocredit on my 2go acaunt haw will i do to buy

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  37. I have send the cold u posted here so that I can buy 2go credit, they removed money without give me any go credit. why? Mtn and airtel have deducted my money without give me go credit.

  38. I can’t buy 2go credits I’m using cell c

  39. can’t still buy go credit

  40. When i buy 42ogredit i will not B credited. I nid help pls

  41. I hasluss my phone number dat sinup wth it

  42. i cant buy go credits y

  43. I use my mtn line 2 buy go credit b4 bt sinces 3 Weeks nw i just buy it dey wil nt credit me and dat d line am using b4 plz help

  44. i want to buy 2go credits but d promblem is have lost d number i use to signup nw i want to change d number pls help me

  45. Thank you

  46. Guys I think the is a serious problem with 2go credits, any one with the solution help pleas
    The annoying part about it is because most nice features on 2go needs credits, and we can’t patches them

  47. Ajiboye opeyemi

    I want 2 buy 2go credits and i 4get my regsration number

  48. i wat to buy gocredit and i foreget my register number and i try to buy it

  49. can i use my glo number to buy 2go credit via sms

  50. I want to buy R5 2go credit. How can i buy them via sms. I need the sms number plz help

  51. hi my name is mandisa i really dnt knw how to buy credits on 2go nw evrtymy is if im buying is telling me to send the word 2go i try bt nothing plzzz help

  52. i cant buy 2go credits,i ll sent sms but i ll not be given credit. what should i do.thanks.

  53. joshua ndulaka

    oga ,i have been tryin to buy go credit both manuel and the other way, they wil dedupt my credit from my phon but when i loged in on 2go my account wil stil be zerolpls what can i do

  54. I can buy on cellC 2go credits Thet said I must send sms to 35182 to get but also nothing! What must I do more to get credits on my cellC phone

  55. Thanks very much, infact its a job welldone.

  56. thank u 4 d summary concerning d potter's wheel n d successor. I am very grateful.

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