How to Activate Airtel Hello Ringback CallerTunes

The Airtel Hello Ringback Callertunes is the audible ringing tune that you hear when you make a call and before the call is answered. With the Airtel Hello Back Tune every call is a rhythm. You can even replace the default tune with a wide variety of Caller Tunes of different genres for your callers to enjoy or record your own personalized callertunes. No more boring tring tring its now a song for your callers.

In this post I will be showing you How to Activate Airtel Hello Ring Back Callertunes. 

How to Activate Airtel Hello Ringback CallerTunes
There are several ways you can activate the Airtel Hello Ringback Callertunes. You can activate it via IVR, SMS or the WEB.

To activate Airtel Callertunes via IVR: Dial 791 on your Airtel SIM and follow the voice prompt.

You will be given a variety of Music categories to choose from which includes Nigerian Music, R ‘n’ B, Hip-hop, Inspirational, Gospel and Islamic tones, Football chants and a lot more.
You will be charged N100 for each subscription to the Airtel Hello Ring Back Callertune and you will be able to purchase any tone of your choice.

If you would like to dedicate a special tone to your friends and family simply Type Dedicate <space> Tune ID <space>Mobile number to 791.

If you want to activate the Airtel Callertunes via SMS send a text message with the word ‘Sub’ to 791. In few minutes you will receive a message containing a password which is to be used to log on to the Airtel Callertunes Portal online.

To log on to the Airtel Online Hello Ring Back Tune Portal, visit, you will be asked to enter your phone number and password in other to get access into the Airtel Hello Ring Back Callertunes Portal.

Once you have provided the details and login to the portal  you can do the following:

  • Assign tunes to specific callers
  • Purchase Tunes
  • View your tune collection
  • Set a tune as default for all callers
  • Choose the time you want a particular tone to play
  • Dedicate a tune to your loved ones.

You can also set random tunes, so that every time your callers try to reach you, they will hear a different tone.

Thats all for now. I hope this helps.

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