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US Dollar to Naira Conversion: All You Need to Know

Today you are going to learn how to convert dollar to naira i.e. Calculate the naira equivalent of US dollar.

It’s looks like some people get it all twisted when it comes to this one.

FYI..You need to know these terms

Official dollar rate refers to CBN rate. This is the rate your bank will exchange.

Black market rate (parallel rate). Just like we have black market Petrol here the dollar equivalent is usually higher.

So without further ado I’m going to tell you how to know the current dollar to naira official rate and black market rate and ways you can sell your dollar in black market to those in need of dollar.

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How to Check Exchange Rate of Dollar in the Bank

==> Click on the link below or copy it and paste in your browser

Currency Converter

On the page you will see the official rate of dollar to naira. As at the Time I wrote this piece the official rate of dollar is NGN199 to $1

How to Check Black Market Rate (parallel)

==> visit naij.com or bdc.naij.com to see the current rate in the market.

You can also meet real buyers and sellers on the website above.

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