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5 Things You Need to do before Buying that item Online

Are you shopping for the first time online?

Okay.. You’ve heard about the likes of eBay, Amazon, Jumia, Konga, Yudala but you haven’t really tried them before.

I’m going to tell you the nitty gritty of buying things online. By that I mean the necessary steps you need to take before buying that product online.

Unfortunately, some people don’t furnish themselves with enough information before buying things online and hence they often times are not satisfied with the product they paid for.

Below are the crucial things you need to do before you pay for that item online.

Online shopping

If you haven’t done these things then don’t order that item online before you start bearing Mr. or Mrs. Hadiknown

#1 Check Customers Reviews/Buyers Review

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Check out customers reviews for the product you want to buy. Get to know what other people who bought the product are saying about the product. Their reactions, impression and everything.

#2 For clothing / shoes etc confirm your size

If you are buying clothing like shirts, trousers, shoes confirm the size and the type of material used. Look for product details in this case.

#3 Check sellers rating

At Least most of the online shops I know have this 5 star thing which we call rating. It gives you information on how customers who have bought the product you are intending to buy rate the seller.

At least if there’s up to 3 star there then it means the seller is doing well in terms of customer’s satisfaction.

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Buying things online


#4 Check the Specs and Hands on – If you are buying Phones/Tablets

If you intend to buy a phone online. Okay the phone has been so hyped that you can’t stop thinking about it. So you finally made up your mind that you want to buy it online.

Take out time to check the specs online and if possible go to YouTube and search for hands on of the phone or tablet. This will go a long way in furnishing you with enough details about the phone/tablet.

Same thing applies to other electronic devices like laptop computers. Take for instance you want to buy an Hp laptop, what kind of hp laptop do you want is it core i3. I5 or i7. Perhaps you can do some googling to find out the differences

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#5 Check estimated delivery time

Human beings naturally like to complain. Make sure you check the estimated delivery time of the product you are buying when checking out before you start laying unnecessary complaining that it’s taking to long to be delivered.

Some online stores also support package tracking. For instance, if you are using Jumia you can actually track your product and know when it’s going to be delivered.

Make sure you do these things before you check out. Thanks for reading.

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