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BBM8 Hanging? How to Get Back Old BBM Version 7.0

You have to agree with me BBM8 should be used in wardrobes or gallows. It can HANG anything 😉

Many Blackberry users who upgraded their BBM to the New BBM Version 8.0 have complained that the new BBM is slow and freezes up phones like crazy.

Well, it all boils down on the type of Blackberry phone you are using and the OS, perhaps if you are using OS6 your Blackberry Messenger may hang up and be slow but if you are using OS 7.0 you should be fine. If you have already upgraded your BBM and would like to downgrade to the previous version which does not hang, follow these procedures.

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download old bbm 7

How to Delete Blackberry Messenger 8

Before you can install the good old version of BBM you have to uninstall BBM8. Follow these procedures to completely uninstall BBM8 from your phone:

– Press the Blackberry Icon and search for Applications
– Click on Options then “Applications Management”
– Look for Blackberry Messenger press the Blackberry Icon and then choose Delete


– Goto Home screen and locate Blackberry Messenger
– Press the Blackberry icon on your phone and choose Delete

Exercise a little patience! It will take a while to delete and after deleting, make sure you reboot your phone. After doing that follow these steps below to revert to the old BBM.

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How to Reinstall BBM Version 7.0

The old version of BBM that doesn’t freeze up is version 7, that’s the one I am currently using on my Blackberry Curve 7 till this moment. Its still available on Blackberry website however you can’t download it via Blackberry Apps World.

To download old BBM, visit the website below on your blackberry browser (make sure you don’t use opera or ucweb browser):


– Click on “Download BBM 7”

After downloading you will still get back your BBM contacts and your bbm won’t hang anymore.

That’s all.

I hope this helps.

If you have any questions to ask, please use the comment form below.

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  1. Þµ? d bbm v7 those nt support bbm channels y?

  2. Rachel Tomwell

    Hav tried downgradinq ma bbm buh d icon still doesn’t show…what do I do!!!ahm usinq a torch 9800…xumone pls help

  3. tashe dekock

    Hi… After downloading the old version of bbm back I then noticed that some of my contacts profile pictures do not update as well as their status’s… I have also noticed that this only occurs with the contacts that use bbm for android. I would realy like some advise on how I can make this all change. Please!!

  4. thanks guys, more people like you are needed thanks.

  5. Thanks guyz, I just got back my old bbm..you rock!

  6. Pls, hw do u I get my contacts bk?

  7. Miliee Cyrus

    Nice article …Love this article about BBM and i’m glad to be here to Know about BBM Hanging…

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